How To Generate Quality Leads By Using LinkedIn Paid Ads

By Poornima Prabakaran

How To Generate Quality Leads By Using LinkedIn Paid Ads

LinkedIn is an excellent platform for companies to generate leads. This platform has a powerful targeting feature that allows you to find the right audience and reach out to them.

Lead generation is the process of finding potential customers or clients who are interested in your product or service. 

It can be done using different marketing channels such as social media, email campaigns, and ads. LinkedIn allows companies to reach out to people who have expressed interest in their industry or company.

LinkedIn paid ads are one of the best methods to generate quality leads for your business. It helps you target specific audiences with ease and also gives you the ability to track conversions and ROI from these ads. The best part about this is that it's affordable for everyone with a small budget.

The benefits of using LinkedIn's lead-gen advertising are numerous.

You may be hesitant to invest in LinkedIn lead gen forms if you have yet to use them. Before diving into their configuration, let's look at three advantages of LinkedIn lead-gen advertising.

1. Getting high-quality leads is easy with LinkedIn.

If you run ads on LinkedIn geared explicitly toward generating leads, you can expect a higher quality of prospects. People can be targeted according to a variety of factors, including but not limited to their occupation, age, and gender. 

The ability to zero down on specific individuals and subsets of the population means you can get more qualified leads. Real information is being provided by leads, too. Many hide behind fake names while posting to social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. 

LinkedIn's user base is more likely to submit genuine contact details due to the site's professional networking. Superior quality is among the many benefits of using LinkedIn ads to generate leads.

2. Advertisements on LinkedIn can be tailored to your specific needs.

Since LinkedIn lead gen advertisements can be tailored to your specifications, they are a great supplement to any advertising strategy. Creating a lead form online tailored to your company's needs is possible. LinkedIn lead gen advertisements are ideal for your company since you may tailor the forms to meet the requirements of your campaign.

3. The lead generation forms on LinkedIn are simple and effective.

LinkedIn's lead generation forms are simple. Visitors can fill out the form without going to a new page. They can click the advertisement, complete the form, and return to their feed. Since it is simple for individuals to fill out these forms, it is simple to obtain leads.

Lead generation using LinkedIn advertising: A How-to Guide

Do you feel prepared to make LinkedIn lead-generation ads? Here are ten easy actions to take when creating your advertisement.

  • Access the Campaign Manager section of Linkedin.

  • Select "Create a Campaign" from the menu bar's upper left corner.

  • For your ad format, choose "Sponsored Content."

  • Select the option to "Collect leads via LinkedIn Gen Forms" as the purpose of your ad.

  • Ad formats include image/link, carousel, and video/article.

  • Add your advertisement material.

  • Pick a CTA. Sign up, Subscribe, Register, and Download are some suggested calls to action for generating leads.

  • Employ criteria such as occupation, level, and geographic region to zero in on your ideal clientele.

  • Determine your maximum daily spend or your bid.

  • Start advertising

To receive qualified leads for your company, start up the LinkedIn lead gen advertising according to these guidelines.

Here are six guidelines for creating effective LinkedIn advertising that generate leads.

Following best practices is essential to generate leads through LinkedIn's lead gen forms. See these six pointers for making effective LinkedIn advertising that generate leads:

1. Present a compelling incentive

Making a compelling offer is the first step in ensuring the success of your lead-generating advertising. Your advertising needs to be clicked on if you want potential customers to fill out your forms. Which begs the question, what sort of proposal should you make?

Find out what issues your intended readers care about. What do people expect to happen at your company? Consider whether your target audience would be interested in purchasing an ebook, attending a company event, or signing up for a newsletter.

When you know your target market needs, you can start thinking about methods to make your offer more appealing. Consider what details will entice readers to act on your advertisement and provide their contact details. 

Take your company, for instance, which offers consumers financial maintenance services. You assist local businesses in better controlling and maximizing their financial resources.

As you get to know more about your target market, you realize that one of their biggest problems is keeping track of their bills and payments. 

An ebook on streamlining a business's invoicing, and payment processes will help you appeal to your target audience and meet their needs. An attention-grabbing headline like "Feeling overwhelmed with invoices?" followed by "Your free guidebook to invoice and payment administration" might be used to advertise this booklet on LinkedIn. 

The headline, in this case, is attention-grabbing since it addresses a common problem. Then, you bait their interest with a beginner guide that promises to show them how to fix the issue. Increase the number of leads you receive from the LinkedIn lead generation forms by making a compelling offer.

2. Make sure your lead generation page has a good balance of information.

When using LinkedIn to generate leads, firms' most common error is creating overly lengthy forms. A great offer means nothing if your audience is discouraged from filling out the form because of the number of details you demand.

  • Form filling is a chore that people would rather avoid.

  • A short form fill-out and they're off to the next thing.

Your shapes must be well-balanced. You don't want to discourage participation by asking for too much information. You can only have a complete picture of your consumer base if you ask for adequate information.

It may take some trial and error method, but you should notice how many forms of fields your advertising needs to get the most responses. Depending on your target demographic and the objectives of your campaign, a more straightforward form generates more responses from your potential customers. Form optimization can increase your company's lead generation.

3. Create a quality lead generation form.

For lead generation using LinkedIn ads, the landing page doubles as the contact form submission page. There is little area for personalization, but you should still make your form page as helpful as possible.

Make sure your form page has a title and brief description of the event, publication, or whatever you're advertising in case anyone clicks on your advertisement and goes to your form page. It is your final chance to convince your audience to take action. Be concise, but provide enough information to sway your readers.

4. Connect your CRM

Use a CRM system to identify your interactions with customers. If so, investigate how to include it in your LinkedIn marketing strategy. By integrating your CRM, you may avoid manually exporting leads. Instead, you can improve lead management by connecting your account to your CRM and sending new leads directly there.

For instance, when you have the CRM & LinkedIn account linked, you can promptly direct a follow-up email to a form submitter. If you still need to, you may have to manually export your lead list and wait a few days before sending a follow-up email.

As a bonus, you will only waste time entering every lead that comes in through your LinkedIn lead generation advertising by hand. By visiting LinkedIn's website, you can learn more about integrating LinkedIn with your CRM software.

5. Offer a variety of entry points for your target demographic

If you want people to subscribe to your ebook or event, or learn more about what you're providing in exchange for their email address, make sure they can easily access the information they need after doing so. 

The time it takes to check out your website or read your ebook may be too much for some people. It's preferable to provide information in more than one format. Depending on the type of offer, such as an ebook, you can choose to have prospects download it immediately after signing up for your advertisements, receive it in an email, or get a text message with a passcode to access it at a later time.

If you're trying to get people to sign up for an event, you could have a form for them to fill out right on the ad and then send them an email with the invitation and other details once they've registered.

Your lead generation efforts will reap the rewards if you provide your audience with many entry points to the offer. By associating good feelings with your brand, they will be more inclined to connect with you or become a customer in the future.

6. Check how well your ads are doing.

Keeping tabs on your LinkedIn ad's performance is essential for maximizing its effectiveness as a lead generator. Keep tabs on how well your ad is doing so you may tweak it for even better outcomes.

You'll see where it falls short as you play back your commercial. One possible result is a high number of views but fewer actions taken. It could indicate that the advertisement is boring consumers or that you must reach the proper people.

Individuals may view your ad but won't fill out the form. If that's the case, consider streamlining your lead generation form's data entry fields. When you keep an eye on your LinkedIn advertising for lead generation, you may improve performance and attract higher-quality prospects.